The simplest way to organize and manage mobile screenshots. picture
Screenshotter is beautifully simple. Built for mobile product designers and developers in mind.


Automatically separate your photos from your screenshots.


Quickly organize your screenshots into folders.


All your screenshots, easily accessible anytime.



Delete your screenshots from your camera roll.


Backup to iCloud to access screenshots from any device.


Share via email, SMS, or your favorite social network.

  • "Screenshotter is a simple tool for organizing mobile screenshots.. well-built, with a clean and modern interface."

  • "Screenshotter is a good app, and it does what it says — it helps users organize and manage screenshots that they need to refer back to."

  • "Screenshotter provides a quick way to find and organize screenshots on your iPhone."

  • John Doe

    Ryan Hoover
    CEO, Product Hunt

    "My camera roll is a mess. Screenshotter's a fantastic tool to organize screenshots and make them discoverable for future reference."

  • "Better manage your iPhone screenshots with Screenshotter."

"Screenshotter is our attempt at a straightforward app that helps to organize and manage screenshots. Hopefully it will help the design community as much as it’s helped us."

Brenden Mulligan
Designer, Cluster Labs

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